• fulfillment of signed delivery contracts including all ordered products and services, their respective quantities as well as consistent quality within a timely manner
  • proactive communicating of foreseeable supply shortages
  • flexibility when dealing with adjustments of delivery capacities according to customer requirements
  • preparing and communicating of emergency delivery plans to us, in order to bridge possible supply shortages due to force majeure
  • proactive disclosing of economic, financial and commercial details about your company, in order to allow us to asses short and long term risks regarding the business relationship


  • deliveries in line with our specifications, i.e. adhering to standards of quality, packaging, labeling and logistics
  • establishment and constant development of a quality management system, which at least meets the requirements of ISO 9001, latest version
  • regular monitoring and measuring of all critical stages of production in order to avoid undesirable developments preceding delivery
  • reporting systems that support traceability of components and materials
  • meeting our as well as our clients’ expectations when processing complaints or reclamations regarding communication, methods, terms as well as sustainability of corrective actions
  • transfer of our and our clients’ requirements throughout the supply chain


  • continuous commitment towards reducing total cost of ownership
  • focusing on improvements in the form of lowered costs and increased quality
  • cost transparency in all types of communication
  • reviewing and improving of all cost factors and elements throughout the supply chain


  • providing technical support during the life-cycle of the products, which have been sold and delivered to us
  • deployment of latest information technologies in order to standardize and simplify business processes and product platforms
  • generating innovative ideas to strengthen our joint competitiveness on the market


  • compliance with all applicable national and regional laws and requirements as well as regulatory stipulations and standards regarding environment, health and work safety
  • commitment to improving and documenting these aforementioned efforts
  • accessible, detailed information regarding any hazardous materials supplied as well as possible substitutes where applicable
  • disclosure of all data pertaining to your efforts with regards to environment, health and work safety
  • assurance, that all supplied materials have been certified for their specific application and comply with respective provisions, with particular attention towards suppliers of so-called conflict minerals (compliance with prevailing laws and regulations, e.g. RoHS and REACH)


  • compliance with all applicable national and regional laws and requirements as well as regulatory stipulations and standards with respect to the country of manufacture and, if known, the country of destination
  • strict adherence to ethical standards as well as standards of integrity by all employees and staff
  • active protection of confidential and undisclosed information provided by us

December 2018