High precision CNC turning

We turn metals such as aluminum, steel, high-grade steel or brass alloys as a CNC contract manufacturer. Our production depth reaches from small-batch, to medium-batch up to large-scale quantities processing parts of various geometry or complexity.

Thin-walled parts

With the experience of more than 70 years in precision engineering, we are specialists for the CNC turning of thin-walled and complex turned parts, we are specialists in the CNC turning of thin-walled and complex turned parts. In particular, multi-thread internal and external threads with tight tolerances, such as those found in assemblies in industry or in automotive engineering, are produced in small to medium series.

ISO tolerances of IT6 are the base for producing high quality in the optical industry. Monitored by our own accredited measuring and calibration laboratory those tolerances are continuously controlled by complex CAQ software.

Complete 6-axis turning & milling machining

Aside from conventional CNC turning, PENTACON is processing products on 6-axis turning and milling machining with complex contours. Here we produce guide slots, move slots or control curves on on lateral an flat faces. Those types of millings are usually used in sliding mounts, zoom lenses or photographic apertures and require utmost precision.

Surface finishing (in cooperation)

In cooperation with partners, we are finishing CNC turned parts. Below is a list of mechanic, galvanic or chemical surface treatment we are offering:

  • alu-chromate Cr-6 free
  • anodizing
  • phosphating
  • zinc processing
  • nickel
  • burnishing