Quality control duties

1. Scope

This policy complements the purchasing conditions of the PENTACON GmbH regarding supplied parts and materials, for the manufacturing process of automotive - parts.

The following requirements are an integral part of this agreement:

  • ISO 9001, ISO / TS 16949
  • VDA Vol. 1: Quality evidence, VDA Vol. 2: Quality assurance of supplies
  • VDA Vol. 4 Part 1: Quality assurance before series production, VDA Vol. 5: Test process suitability
  • VDA Vol. 6 Part 1: QM system audit

All regulations cited shall be applied in their latest versions. This Quality Assurance Agreement may be amended by further specifications on our purchase order, drawings, or DIN ISO standards. In case the English version of this document deviates from the German version, the German text shall be valid.

2. Audits

The Supplier shall allow us to carry out audits, even in cases where certificates have already been obtained from third parties. The Supplier shall make available all the necessary documentation and allow access to the areas which are relevant for us. If necessary, we will inform the Supplier about improvement measures, indicating the persons responsible for implementation and the dates by which completion is required. The effectiveness of the corrective measures may be monitored in a follow-up audit.

3. Supplier assessment / Quality Targets

The Supplier is shall ensure error-free delivery of products and services (zero-error target). If no specific targets have been agreed the target shall be zero ppm. A specific agreement relating to ppm values does not imply we would accept defective items. The agreement of quality targets and measures shall not limit the liability of the Supplier for warranty claims and claims for damages in connection with delivery shortcomings. Defective consignments will not be accepted and will be charged to the Supplier. Ongoing supplier performance is one of the factors considered in our supplier assessment process. When placing orders we will favour suppliers with a high record of reliability.

4. Subcontracting

If the Suppliers wishes to subcontract services to third parties, the Supplier shall ensure to make the quality assurance responsibilities binding to the sub-contractor in a suitable form and to ensure these procedures are being fulfilled. Where necessary, and in consultation with the Supplier, we may inspect test records provided by sub-contractors and carry out audits together with the Supplier.

5. Safety and Environment

The Supplier guarantees compliance with all relevant legal requirements relating to industrial safety and environmental protection during the production and transportation of the products supplied. This applies to materials used in production, machinery, equipment and workplaces.


Upon request, the Supplier shall do all documentation regarding IMDS.


The supplier shall provide documentation of a working FMEA system upon our request.

8. Statistical methods

Unless 100% testing has been specified, statistical methods must be used for quality assurance. Critical characteristics of the production process must be checked using a process monitoring system. If no characteristics have been specified, the Supplier will concentrate on close tolerance specifications. However,the Supplier stays responsible to deliver goods free of defects. If the minimum value of Cpk >/= 1.33 is not achieved, the Supplier shall apply process optimisation measures and, if necessary, sorting procedures in order to avoid dispatch of defective items. For receiving inspections and final inspections at the Supplier, suitable random sampling plans must be applied. Test plans and details of the statistical methods used must be made available to us or mutually agreed upon request.

9. QA tests and documentation

Quality assurance procedures must be set out in specifications. Completed tests must be documented by suitable records. All documents relating to quality must be kept for at least five years. For products marked as requiring documentation, the retention period is 15 years starting from the time at which production of the article is discontinued. Pentacon may decide on other specific requirements and advise the Supplier as necessary. Pentacon reserves the right to carry out confirmation tests and, where necessary, to make on-site evaluations of the test procedures applied by the Supplier.

10. Quality certificates

Proof of product quality shall be available at the Supplier for each delivery. We will be given the right to review this documentation any time. We will specify if this documentation shall be sent with each delivery. The Supplier shall provide us with test plan documentation upon request.

11. Sampling

Prior to the start of series production, initial samples must be submitted. Samples shall be made according to the manufacturing conditions planned for series production and shall be documented on forms used in the automotive industry. Any deviation of the sampling procedure from series production shall be agreed with us. If the Supplier wished to change components, manufacturing processes or the place of manufacturing, he must submit new samples in advance. For samples cmk or Ppk >= 1.67 is required. If this index is not achieved, corrective measures must be laid out to Pentacon. The Supplier shall propose test methods and areas for potential improvement. The Supplier also agrees to carry out a re-qualification by means of initial sampling of the products supplied once a year.

12. Marking, traceability and packaging

All goods, containers and documentation supplied must allow direct identification by item number, item description, quantity, date of delivery. The Supplier will be able at any time to trace back defective parts to raw material and production lots in order to identify potential defective lots. Packaging will be chosen by the Supplier in order to guarantee protection of the goods against any damage.

13. Receiving Inspections at PENTACON

The Supplier shall deliver products free of defects. We therefore only identify the goods, check the quantities and look for apparent packaging and transportation damage. Pentacon has no obligation to carry out further examinations. If the Supplier’s quality level necessitate additional receiving inspection or inspection during subsequent processing, the Supplier shall be invoiced for additional work involved. We will inform the supplier in advance to announce and release by the latter. Transport damage will only be charged to the supplier if the transfer of risk fall under the agreed INCOTERMS.The supplier is advised to perform a final inspection and enclose an agreed documentation with each shipment.

14. Deviations from Specifications

If the Supplier notices quality discrepancies or suspects problems with goods that have already been delivered, Pentacon must be informed immediately. Further action will be agreed between the Supplier and Pentacon. The results of receiving inspection are part of our supplier evaluation.

15. Complaints

In case of a quality complaint, the Supplier will provide an 8-D report to us within two working days indicating what immediate action has been taken and specifying further target deadlines. No later than two weeks after receipt of the complaint a statement must be submitted to us stating the reason of the problem and the measures that have been taken to avoid future faults. In urgent cases the Supplier is under obligation to take immediate action. The Supplier shall assess the effectiveness of the corrective measures in order to avoid the possibility of repeated complaints.

17. Acknowledgement by the supplier

With its signature, the suppliers acknowledges the receive of the "Quality Assurance Procedures for Suppliers" of the PENTACON GmbH.