PENTACON: Mechanical production
Mechanical production

3 machining technologies under one roof

PENTACON: Mechanical production
Mechanical production

3 machining technologies under one roof

Synergies of metal and plastic

Due to the fine mechanical past, PENTACON has a long-term experience in the processing of metals and plastics using injection molding. With this know-how, we as an automotive supplier manufacture highest precision and guarantee 100% part quality. We achieve this on the one hand through optimized manufacturing processes and on the other hand through optical and tactile inline parts inspection. We map our process capability using a CAQ-system.

CNC turning

We turn metals such as aluminum, steel, high-grade steel or brass alloys as a CNC contract manufacturer. Our production depth reaches from small-batch, to medium-batch up to large-scale quantities processing parts of various geometry or complexity.

For several years, we have specialized in the turning of thin-walled parts, which feature tiny tolerances and require highest precision. Especially the turning of external threads and internal threads requires the long-term experience of a company rooted in the fine-mechanics and camera industry.

Swiss turning

At Swiss turning, the bar material is moved in axial direction through a headstock with a collet and a guide bushing. Unlike ordinary turning, the tooling is fixed. Originally invented for the watchmaking industry, this technology is widely used for long and slim parts. Depending on the arrangement of tools and guide bushing one can produce very precise and long parts, very often made of hard and robust material.

  • range of parts: Ø 3 bis 32 mm, length up to a max. 120 mm
  • material: broad range depending on appliance, focus on aluminum, brass, steel and high-grade steel
  • technologies: contour turning up to complex applications

Metal substitution and hybrid parts

Due to rising raw material prices, our customers increasingly change their production from using high-cost metals toward less costly plastics with similar or even better qualities. We counsel you in finding an efficient solution to lower your costs for materials. Ranging from exchanging single components to a re-design of your products (hybrid parts) up to the complete material exchange - we have developed a wide range of technologies and methods to save you costs and material weights. Usually, our customers come from the automotive industry where products tend to become increasingly lighter.


Another approach is the extrusion of blanks to the later geometry and the subsequent conventional CNC machnining. The advantages are:

  • cost-effective alternative
  • less loss of material
  • faster working cycles
  • abrasive cutting or shearing