The vocational training to become an industrial manager (f/m)

Vocational training as an industrial manager (m/f)

Industrial managers operate in various sectors of an industrial company and are flexible because of their diversified commercial and business training. Whether it comes to purchasing, materials management, sales, marketing, accounting or human resources - industrial managers always act with profound knowledge and keep an eye on the overall business.

During the triennial training the focus rests on:

  • sales and marketing
  • production and material management
  • accounting and financial management
  • human resources

Some sectors will be trained in-depth, others dealt with only cursorily.

Prerequisites for a training to become an industrial manager are:

  • a good secondary school certificate or high school graduation
  • enjoyment in dealing with numbers
  • high communicational skills and a good expression in German and English
  • negotiating skill

While attending student internships or holiday work, initial experiences can be collected.

The duration of the professional training is three years and ends with the successful final exam. During the second year, all industrial managers in-training have to complete an intermediate examination.

The education is divided into a "dual system" - a school-based and a company-based training in cyclic alterations. For the theoretic part, our trainees either attend the Berufliches Schulzentrum für Wirtschaft "Prof. Dr. Zeigner" or the private AFBB - Akademie für berufliche Bildung. The latter on requires a practical training aboard during the second year of education.

During the education with PENTACON all trainees have to go through various departments to get a detailed overview on an industrial company such as PENTACON. They work as disposition managers in the specialist departments and quickly gain responsibilities. This constant exchange between different departments requires high communicational skills, a quick comprehension, curiousness and the will to adapt to new situations and to flexible react to them. With PENTACON the training focus reaches from accounting, material disposition, marketing/ sales up to the support of our productional departments (metal and plastic injection molding).

The training regularly ends with the successful completion of the proficiency examination after three years. After this, we might offer you indefinite employment with PENTACON.

Aside from the successful completion, you also might consider to start a continuing education. You are entitled to get a training as a:

  • State Certified Business Economist
  • Specialist for purchase and material handling
  • Accountant

You also might consider to start an higher education as a M.B.A. at a local college or University of Applied Sciences such as the HTW in Dresden. The admission requirements might vary from state to state and usually requires additional work experience.

Finally, we also offer careers and additional trainings with PENTACON. If you are interested, please get in touch with us.