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Vocational training as a cutting machine operator (m/f)

Cutting machine operators produce metal parts with high precision on CNC controled turning, milling, drilling or grinding machines. The operators setup, program, and control the machines during the production process.

During the 3.5 years of training the focus rests on:

  • the setup and programming of computer-controlled machinery,
  • the subsequent production of precision parts complying to various requirements, as well as
  • the documentation of quality controls and their results

At PENTACON, we concentrate on various CNC turning technologies. Other cutting methods will be taught at corporate partners during the vocational training.

Prerequisites for a vocational training as a cutting machine operator are:

  • a very good German Hauptschulabschluss or a good secondary school certificate
  • a good spatial imagination and mathematical understanding
  • enjoyment and interest in technical equipment/ computers
  • manual skills

While attending student internships or holiday work, initial experiences can be collected.

The duration of the professional training is three and a half years and ends with the successful final exam. During the second year, all cutting machine operators in-training have to complete an intermediate examination.

The education is divided into a "dual system" - a school-based and a company-based training in cyclic alterations. Although the profession legally does not require a school-leaving qualification, we demand either a very good German Hauptschulabschluss or a good secondary school certificate.

During the training, the cutting machine operator learn the operation of CNC controlled turning, milling or grinding machines. Although the equipment used might vary from company to company, the vocational school fills this gap and teaches most of the controls for a general overview and flexible use later on. Even the workflows, the production processes and the planning might differ heavily. The trainee learns that a well thought out workflow and precise production are key to a high quality product. Continuous control, communication within the team and cross-sectoral team work are the important prerequisites for this job.

The training regularly ends with the successful completion of the proficiency examination after 3.5 years. After this, we might offer you indefinite employment with PENTACON.

Aside from the successful completion, you also might consider to start a continuing education. You are entitled to get a training as a:

Or you start a training to become a technician. Even the vocational baccalaureate diploma can be earned within a year (secondary school certificate required). This allows a subsequent enrollment at a college with a relevant curriculum. If you already earned an high school degree you are entitled to study right away to earn a bachelor degree in production technology.

Finally, we also offer careers and additional trainings with PENTACON. If you are interested, please get in touch with us.