Dresden - cradle of the camera industry

Dresden - one of the birth places of the camera industry. PENTACON has a long history, starting in the early 20th century.

The first time the company did business by the name PENTACON was in 1964 when several companies in the area in and around Dresden were unified. The name comes from the Pentaprism of modern SLR cameras and the early brand name Contax, which was the predecessor before world war II. After the company merger the state-owned PENTACON became the biggest employer in the region and in 1980 around 9,000 people worked for PENTACON.

Part of the Jos. Schneider group

Parts of the company came to Jos. Schneider group in 1990. Schneider Group based in Bad Kreuznach and since then have belonged to one of the most innovative groups in the optics sector. PENTACON GmbH was created in its current form in 1997 and currently employs around 115 people.

From the medium to the large scale production

With decades of experience in precision engineering and the processing of metal and plastics, PENTACON continously invests in production technology. Starting with turret lathes and small size grinding machines, we step-by-step enhanced our capabilities. New technologies had been tested and so, change towards a large scale production has been completed.

Today, PENTACON has a park of various multi-axis CNC turret lathes, Swiss-type automatic lathes, linked plunge-cut grinding machines, milling centers, eroding machines and last but not least, INDEX CNC lathes for thin-walled parts in large series.

High quality plastic injection molding

Plastic injection molding has also been an integral part of PENTACON for decades. With the new company name in 1997, standard production was offered on machines with a clamping force of 50-150t, but it quickly developed further in this area. With the knowledge from camera engineering, PENTACON quickly specialized in the encapsulation of inserts. Optical and medical plastic products that require special conditions for a clean environment are just as much a part of the portfolio as 2-component parts that leave the factory in large series.

DAkks accredited calibration laboratory

To support the quality control, PENTACON installed an own measuring and calibration laboratory. By the end of the 1990s, we applied for an accreditation at the German Accreditation Body for gauge blocks. Since then we are undergoing annual revisions for the accreditation and earn the required certificates. We continously enhance our service portfolio and also counsel external partners as a measurands calibrator as well as we offer contract measuring.