Environment policy - for a greener environment

The environment policy is the guide line for the whole company. Aside from our aiming for higher levels of customer satisfaction, a better quality of our products and the protection of our staff, we strongly focus on the protection of our environment trough resource-saving manufacturing methods.

  • We consider the continuous improvement of our processes and technologies, regulated by our environmental protection aims and their implementation, to be our foremost effort. We oblige to put environment protecting methods into practice.
  • Our efforts serve the compliance with environmental-related regulations as well as the requirements of official permits or customer demands.
  • Environmental impacts will be reduced trough economic use of resources as well as low-emission and low-waste manufacturing methods, monitored through continuous testing and improvement.
  • We aim for a comprehensive communication with our customers, suppliers, authorities and employees to continuously improve our environmental performance.
  • Training and motivation for a constant improvement of our processes have fundamental importance to us.
  • We take action in preventive measures to reduce unwanted environmental side-effects induced by interruptions of production.
  • Our environmental goals and their supporting programs are embedded in corrective and preventive actions as well in our internal auditing management to evaluate their implementation, suitability and effectiveness. With our environment protection system we guarantee the compliance with all environmental-related regulations.
  • We targeted the follow environment aspects for our company: use of energy, material and water; waste and sewage; nature and landscape; noise; air pollution; soil and water. We created key figures to monitor the aspects energy use and waste.

These guidelines will be evaluated by the executive board and its associated management on a yearly base. Every employee will be personally informed and all related information can be accessed on the integrated management system.

Every supervisor is obligated to actively lead its staff through personal exemplification, to motivate and to take care that this quality and environment policy will be mediated and understood.

The executive board encourages every personal initiative of its staff to take this guidelines into action.