The corporate idea

Identity as the sum of distinguishing character features is on of the core elements of human cohabitation. To know that one is a part of groups and mesh of relations and the self-reflection while permanent adaption to external or internal influences forms a personality which separates us from each other.

Companies are accumulations of identities and subjected to almost similar processes like single individuals. Here, the belonging to a market or a society are crucial and the adaption to internal and external factors inevitable. Other than humans, companies have to expend a greater deal on how they are perceived and how to distinguish themselves from competitors. At this point, a corporate idea helps to create an unique and distinctive appearance.

Corporate Identity, Corporate Behaviour & Corporate Design

Most of the time the terminology will be mixed up, whereas a clarification is necessary. The corporate identity (CI) is the sum of all identity-forming actions. It starts with a corporate policy, ethical guidelines (code of conduct or corporate behaviour) up to the corporate design.

The corporate design helps to establish an emotional access to the company and generates attention. It is important to regulate an uniform appearance for every single element: logos, business equipment, colors etc. In a comprehensive set of guidelines all possible aspects of corporate appearance should be defined and visually displayed.